WIP Pics Coming Soon

I've roughed in the miner model in terracotta. To be honest it's not my ideal subject matter. It's the old issue of working to a commission and not really creating the Art I really would prefer to.

I'll show some WIP pics in my next post.

I need to buy some carving tools so I can see how I take to sculpting wood. I quite like the idea of adding mechanical mechanisms, clocks and the like. I have always been interested in mixing art and functionality which is something I always tried to do with college briefs. I also have quite a few books on Celtic tree lore and Celtic Oracles. So there is a connection I feel there.


PG said…
Chris, just dropping in to ask if you've still got the Travelling Sketch Book? You're obviously really busy right now, so if you haven't had time to do it, don't worry - it can just go on to the next person. It'd be nice to get it going again, the blog is looking rather neglected after all these months! :)