In Progress

I have decided that the blog banner should feature a model that better reflects what I can do with clay. So rather than having a rudimentary work on progress sculpture I am producing a more finished version. I have almost finished a reclining figure which I am quite pleased with but I will reserve judgement until I get some response to it in my next post.

I was going to enrol in a wood carving course, but the term fee of £95.00 would be enough to pay for some tools and an instructional video! So I think I'll have to be self taught.

On a different note, I got a call from a bank today trying to sell me insurance. The sales woman was so nice and didn't put any pressure on me to buy. In fact we chatted for sometime. We talked about my job. She said that a friend of hers was an editor for Penguin books but was thinking of changing publisher's because of all the pornography he has to edit!

She was Irish and I love the Irish accent. She said she would like to visit Cornwall and I asked her about the best places in Ireland to visit. She gave me her email address if I wanted more information! It's amazing how you can hit it off with people in the most mundane of circumstances.