Nearly there

Yes I know said this next post would include pictures of the mining statue WIP, but it's proving a bit trickier than expected. It's quite hard to get reference photo's, so I'm having to rely on some pretty poor sources of information. I need to finish it this weekend so it has time to dry out. The decision as to who will get the go ahead will be made at the beginning of March.

I haven't had any contact from my agent since the smoked salmon Christmas gift. I also haven't personally done any Illustration self-promotion this year yet. I'm leaving it in the lap of God for the moment. Which reminds me, I've been befriended by a couple of Jehova's witnesses at the moment who bring me the latest magazines to my door on a monthly basis. BTW why is Jesus depicted on the covers of their mags as looking like a middle class white man with perfect hair and a dazzling white toothy smile?

I am feeling quite positive Artistically, despite the doom and gloom of the current financial turmoil. I know the kind of work I want to produce and that I want to have a more direct contact with purchasers. I want to create one-offs and numbered editions to broaden the marketability of what I produce. I'm really resisting the thought of using moulding substances as they don't fit in with my ethos of natural materials. But they do offer the ability to produce multiple items quickly and cheaply.

My recent exercise in working with clay has shown it to be rough on my hands with cracked skin due to the drying effect. Barrier cream might be the answer but wood may be my prefered medium.

I'd love to have a cofee shop/Gallery here in West Cornwall where I could showcase my sculptures. But I am in immediate need of studio space at the moment which was dealt a blow when the housing market collapsed. I may have to settle for a shed:¬)


sarah said…
Wood is a great sculpting medium, are you intending to use hardwoods? found pieces?
When I was doing my sculpture course I found it really difficult to work 'backwards'.. to visualise the piece first and then 'take away' what was not needed. Much easier to add stuff on..Suddenly my admiration for already awesome sculpters like Micheal Angelo went thro the roof!
Glad you are on track and not about to do a reggie perrin!
Chris.P said…
I like the idea of sculpting gnarled wood, leaving some of the natural textures which would be so difficult to reproduce.

I agree that 'taking away' and not being able to re-add material is quite a scary thought. Michelangelo claimed to be able to 'see' the figure within the block of marble, and he just had to release it.

I think practise is definitely the key here:¬)
Good for you and your optimism.

I'm trying not to drown in the big studio clear-out (which is being greatly hampered by my physical melt-down at projects' end that I am just now recovering from).

I'm always impressed by your breadth of mediums and methods. Best wishes with the current sculpture.
Cathy said…
All the best with this, Chrispy, and you're welcome to move into my shed any time!
Chris.P said…
Cheers Tara:¬)I'm hoping that I will find a medium which will 'make it all clear to me.' At the moment it all seems a bit of a battle. I think the results are ok but getting there is proving a bit counter intuitive.

Thanks for the kind offer Cathy:¬) I hope the shed has shag pile:¬)