Ancient And Modern

Ancient Celtic Well

The other week I visited a local well at Madron. The water is reputed to have healing powers. The Votives hanging from the tree are offerings to the naiad, (spirit) of the well. it is believed that as the material rots down, so the affliction diminishes.

The route to the well was for hundreds of years like a journey through a portal to another world. But now with the clumsy action of a well meaning council, a path has been cut straight to the well, bypassing the meandering route over stone styles, and so reducing its magic.

The well in the chapel has been used for hundreds of years for baptisms by Christians, continuing the rituals carried out by Pagans who populated west Cornwall. It is a great place to come for quiet meditation.
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Computer Upgrade
I have finally got all the gear I need to rebuild my PC. I bought a beast of a graphics card, and as is often the way, it left other components found wanting. So I had to buy a bigger power unit to supply it.

I now have the long process of transferring programs and files from one PC to the other to look forward to. It should mean though that rendering my 3D models should be a lot quicker.


Cathy said…
Think I prefer the well, Chrispy! What a fantastic place!