Phew! at last my son's exams are over. He seems to be much happier. Results aren't due out until August

I have got 40+ illustration roughs to do in a very short time now. I will really need to crack on with them and start work on the main character in clay. I will post the first prototypes ASAP.

One of the things I have learned this week is that most homeopathic medicines don't seem to work. It took a prescription of sleeping pills, (a class 3 drug), to actually get my son to sleep over the past week or so. All the money spent on Valerian etc was a complete waste.

The only exception to this is possibly Bach Flower remedies like 'Rescue Remedy' which seem to have a positive effect. It is interesting to me that one of the women who run a local 'spiritual shop' is prescribed drugs to alleviate depression. So surely all the crystals she sells to her clientele for such conditions can't do what she claims they can.


Deb said…
rescue remedy is supposed to be quite good. all the best your illustration roughs. dx.
Chris.P said…
Hi Deb, yes rescue remedy is used by my sis in law to calk her autistic son. It's supposed to get more powerful the more diluted it becomes which is curious.

Thanks for the best wishes re the roughs:¬) I recon I will have to burn the midnight oil for a while.