Long Time No Post

Well things have been a bit fraught chez moi recently. My eldest son's A levels conclude next week. He has 3 exams still to do. It has been a major battle getting him to revise at the expense of wasting time on the internet. He has been really stressed so I took him to the doctors the other week to see if he could be given something to help him sleep on the nights before his exams.

The tablets the doc prescribed seemed a bit heavy duty so we tried to persist with the homeopathic ones he has been taking. Unfortunately due to his exam nerves he was still awake at 2.30 am, and when I checked again it was 5 am and he still hadn't slept at all. In desperation we gave him half a sleeping pill in the hope he would get at least 5 hours sleep yet not be too drowsy for the exam. Things just about turned out ok on the day.

It's looking dodgy whether or not he will get the required grades because he is not really putting enough effort into revision. He secured a job at Specsavers this week so this will help his application to university especially if things haven't gone with his grades. It's going to be touch and go.

I have been neglecting things with my book commission because of the family problems, so I am going to have to work hard to catch up..

I went for a walk on the beach the otherday to get my head together. It was pouring with rain and I was buffeted by the wind. I walked to the end of the bay so there was no one within earshot of anyone I let out a mighty roar of pent up emotion: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

....then looked up and saw two hikers 50ft directly above me on the coastal path. Oops!

I must admit whilst I was walking along the coast, I fantasized about what it would be like just to keep walking.


MackTheKnife said…
Buck up, Chris! 'Tis not so high as a mountain nor so deep as the sea. Of course we worry about our young 'uns, but they usually find their way in spite of us. He's a teen boy just like you were. Or maybe that's why you're worried?? :)

In any case, cheer up. He'll turn out OK.

Chris.P said…
Cheers for the reply Bob:¬)

You're problably right about them finding their own way, but I just wanted my kid's to have it a bit easier than I did at their age.

Unfortunately I made some bad choices when I was a teenager and It took me a lifetime to get back on track