I guess I might have come across as a bit obsessive recently regarding my son. It was pretty intense. His mood swings and general stress levels were mind boggling. Hopefully things will work out ok.

I really do have a load of work to do now. I have only just started to do the research necessary for this brief. I'm already flippin' fed up with camels. What is it with their legs? How the hell do they bend like that? Two knee's in each leg!

I went to the Falmouth Illustration Students Graduation Show on Saturday here in Cornwall. I go every year to gain inspiration and top up my enthusiasm. Also to analyze trends in terms of style, or the area of the illustration industry the work is predominately aimed at. There seemed to be a creeping away from Children's Illustration towards Editorial or Advertising in recent shows.

There did seem to be an overall lower standard of pure drawing ability. But there were a few stand out good illustrator's. This is the website of my personal favourite at the show:
http://www.lizlucas.co.uk/ She has great drawing skills an a definite style. All she would need is persistence to succeed.

My first camel model and 'Zac Sparrow and the Zargon Invasion'


Sarah said…
Oh and here's me thinking you were obsessed with womens stomachs...LOL!
looking forward to seeing the start of your new project..
Chris.P said…
I can't lie that is my favourite part of a woman...after her personality of course;¬)
Cathy said…
I liked Liz Lucas's work, which is technically very skilful and strikes a nice balance between traditional and modern. Is it just me, or are new illustration graduates much more conservative than they used to be? I'm thinking of the just plain barminess of illustrators like Lane Smith ...
Chris.P said…
I've noticed that some student try to force themselves into a different style instead of letting it develop naturally. Trouble is it doesn't often work.

I rmember going to an End Of Year show years ago and one of the few Illustrators to grab my eye was Mandy Field! What ever happened to her?
Liz Lucas is really talented, her drawings are so assured - and clever.