Christmas Day Pilgrimage

On Christmas Day we try to make a point of walking up Trencrom. This is a hill close to our house with commanding views over West Penwith and topped with the remains of roundhouses and the remnants of a Hill Fort.  It really was blowing a gale up there, the nearest thing to having Botox treatment with the cold wind battering your forehead:)

In the first picture you can just make out some of the stones that formed a Roundhouse.

The second picture is the view towards St Michael's Mount.

The route up was really blowy and the path very rutted and muddy.

I tried to take a video of the slightly haphazard route down to the well.  There is plenty of camera shake as I tried to keep my feet whilst filming.  Offerings are often left there to the Spirit of the well; a tradition I expect has continued for centuries.