Oak Leaf And Moonstone Necklace And Earrings

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Here are a couple of pieces I finished yesterday.  I am probably going to put them on Etsy as a matching set.  I more or less improvised with the making of these, just starting with a thumbnail sketch and ad-libbing from there.

The pendant leaves were made from 2 different gauges of sheet silver. The upper one was from 1mm sheet as this needed to be strong, only being supported from one point.  The lower leaf had to be thinner so I could burnish the leaf over the moonstone.  This meant I had to solder a supporting 'rib' of silver underneath give it strength.  Otherwise it would easily be bent. 

Oak Leaf Pendant WIP
This is how the pendant started out life: A Moonstone, pieces of Fine and Sterling Silver wire and sheet.

The tricky job of cutting out a leaf.

The shaped and beaten leaf soldered to the pendant.

The pendant pickled, (heated in a solution to remove the firescale produced from soldering).

Once polished I added the moonstone and burnished the bezel over to secure it in place, then I burnished over the edges of the adjacent leaf.


Karin said…
Really nice delicate work Chris.
Nice to see a WIP on it too.
Chris.P said…
Thanks Karin. A sent you an email:)