Introducing My Dark Side...

This is the Blog where I intend to show my masculine side:)  I am working on up-cycled stuff and to be honest it is proving challenging.  But it is making me use my brain a bit more and in different ways.

My 'studio' is a bit like a gun runners den at the moment, in that I have dozens of bullets, shell casings, clips etc.  I am trying to create something altogether more peaceful and harmonious with them.

I am still creating new designs for women's jewellery but I hope to target the discerning customer with less money to spare.  I have been re-investing most of my earnings in equipment, including the means to cast silver.  So this should allow me to produce things at a lower cost.

I now have a lot of camera studio equipment now including a soft-box and continuous lighting.  So things have improved in terms of photographing my products.