Getting Down To It


I have just finished a couple of jewellery commissions including these:

Could be the last of this type for a while though.  

I'm trying to work with Silver Clay and although it gives more creative possibilities it is proving limited for my style of jewellery.  It is VERY expensive and in order to produce anything of fine detail you need to fashion master models and make press moulds from them before casting in the clay.  I made a 3cm long mermaid in sculpey, (which is not the ideal material for this scale), and created a silicone mould. I found that sculpting under a magnifying glass challenging but a little tedious to be honest.  I'll show the results in my next post.

So I've basically discounted Precious Metal Clay as a medium,  and complex wrought metal shaping and soldering.  So that leaves Centrifugal casting or Delft Clay casting.  Delft Clay is the least expensive equipment-wise, so I'll be trying this next.


The illustrations I created for Bramble Kid's Publishing are about to do the rounds at the Frankfurt Book fair.

I didn't realise the books which are aimed at the very young are designed to use an interactive 'Magic Pen,' .  This is a still from the interactive setting up process:

My spreads are at the top of this PDF:

So if the three books get the go ahead I will have very little time to do much else; which is why I am trying to develop a creative sideline that I will be able to continue concurrently.