34 Down...

...7 to go!

These 7 are the trickiest. I have found it hard trying to produce over 40 illustrations in a relatively short time, given my style of work. I hope I have managed to keep the standard up.
I still need to produce a CGi backdrop; and I can't finish a couple of the images without the order of Warhammer gravel I need for one of the stage sets. I hope it arrives in time.


Sarah said…
Strewth! going well!
Cathy said…
They're wonderful and splendiferous, Chrispy! Are you going to do a Noah's ark next?
Sue said…
Looking fantastic!
Chris.P said…
Cheers Sarah:¬)

Thanks for the comment Cathy. I'm hoping if they like these illo's they might consider the other Rudyard Kipling stories. I can dream:¬)

Thanks Sue. Just starting to get a bit jaded by camels right now. but I'm soldiering on.

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