Just deserts

Well I've modelled, posed and photographed all the props, and characters, (except for the menagerie inthe final illustration of the book). Next job is to get the backdrops sorted out. The previous version of the desert, I recently posted, had a few issues with the hills and textures. I had to go back to square one and remake the scene in 3D. Here it is:


Sarah said…
Very impressive Chris, I'm there, I can feel the heat, the sand in my eyes, the flies up my nose!!
going well
What you've shown of this project looks really impressive - the desert sands as well as the clay figures (love the sitting camel). I hope you are surviving the work schedule..
Chris.P said…
I'm glad you liked it Sarah...apart from the sand in your eyes and the flies:¬)

That's very nice of you to say Tara. I'm about to post the first of the images put together in an illustration.