Now I have some time I have decided to animate this character I have decided to stop experimenting with skin subsurface scattering because of the render times. I am going with tied back hair so I only have to animate some loose strands at the front. I have also tweaked the outfit a bit:

I have a spare bit of webspace somewhere out there, so I will set up a webpage with a brief intro to my character's story and some art work.


I hate waiting on the go-ahead for paid projects. (My latest was supposed to start at the end of March. Now - maybe by beginning of June?)

I'm always impressed with your 3-D efforts. I have absolutely no patience with that kind of computer thing. Makes me a raving lunatic!
Chris.P said…
Thanks for your comment Tara:¬)

Unfortunately the job has been delayed even more so it coincides with the summer holidays. Dammit!!!