Staying Focussed

I have been quite busy in various areas of late.  I have created a couple of new rings:

The Garnet ring is available on my website.  The Oak Leaf one will be shortly: 

I have also been trying to build a fan base on Facebook, which takes time and perseverance.

I have a couple of orders at the moment and they are quite tricky one's.  I need to get these sorted out before moving on to try casting some jewellery.

I have been working on my Graphic Novel from which I hope to create Sculpture and Jewellery merchandise.  I have tried to avoid some of the cliches associated with Fantasy, (but this is quite difficult), and based the story against a backdrop of real events.  The story does start with a kind of premonition; but it is made clear that the future cannot be foreseen and that intuition is more likely to be involved.