Logo For Possible Male Accessories and Tees

I bought a couple of Dot Com's: Arcane Factory and Arcane Wear; with a view to perhaps creating masculine jewellery/accessories and maybe T-shirts.  I always enjoyed screen printing at college and this is something I might explore.

Arcane: Requiring secret knowledge to be understood; mysterious;esoteric, known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure;esoteric.

The name is evocative of the style I would be interested in developing. A sort of fantasy/steam-punk/industrial/nature range of pieces. It may seem odd to have a mix of nature and industry but you will have to watch this space to see how or if it works.

I'm currently producing a few more pieces of wrought silver 'naturalistic' women's jewellery; but I will soon be creating cast pieces which I hope will further reflect my interest in figurative sculpture.


Johanna said…
Hi Chris,
This looks like a great idea. Hope you go for it!
(I'm watching this space now its on my favourites.)
I like the Arcane design too and it would look good on a T.shirt.
A pm for you on the OOAK as well regarding Water Nymph, how is she coming along?
Nice to see you are busy,

Chris.P said…
Thanks Karin:) I'll pop over to the forum and have a look.

If I get commissioned to illustrate 3 books next month,(and it's a big if), I'm going to have to decide what other personal work to do. I won't have time for jewellery, sculpture and screen printing.