Going With The Flow....

I'm busy finishing up some models for a children's board book. Not exactly the kind of work I planned to be doing at this stage of my career.  But this is the only work that has presented itself to my Agent of late.

I have though been receiving a number of jewellery commissions, including:

The increasing sales of my jewellery designs is giving me more confidence that there could be a possible business there.  But I need to work on designing pieces that are easier to produce.  

I have also been working on a sculpture which has had to be put on the back-burner whilst I was trying to finish the illustration job, and this will also have to wait until after I finish making the Moon Gazing Hare pendant.  This involves cutting and shaping the two colours of Mother Of Pearl, soldering a circle of square wire to a fine silver bezel strip, soldering a tree and casting a hare in Fine silver; then soldering a loop and ring for a chain and burnishing the MOP in place!

There are big changes going on at home with both son's leaving for University, a bit of a void in finances, and a feeling that I want to do things and meet people.  Never have I felt more pressure to succeed.  I am trying different things testing my ability to produce work of interest and quality.  I'm narrowing down what inspires me and what makes commercial sense to produce.  

I'm working to a budget which reduces the types of equipment at my disposal. So I have to create things the old fashioned way, which has appeal to the potential customer in itself but it does mean they must cost more buy.

I feel there is a seam of untapped creativity in my brain which is begging to be mined and has not revealed itself in my Illustration, sculpture or jewellery.  The medium to realise this could be screen-printing, something I took to at college but has not seen the light of day since.

So once I have completed the jewellery commissions, I will turn my attention to my unfinished sculpture.  Then I will look into casting silver jewellery and maybe small silver sculptures, then perhaps I'll look at screen printing.  But as always something else may come along to blow me in another direction.