Back In The Saddle...

I've been working on both Jewellery and OOAK Sculpture for the past few weeks.

My jewellery has actually started to sell on Etsy and Folksy. This is the link to my Etsy shop:

I thought the prices might put people off and maybe they do for many; but for those who have enough disposable income, they do appreciate the work involved and are prepared to pay for it.  But I need to address the issue of stock-control.  Silver is expensive these days so I don't want to hold too much in reserve.  Accordingly, many items are made to order which means there is a bit more stress involved in producing the jewellery.

In order to make my designs available to people at lower prices I am trying to set up some casting equipment.  I have ordered some casting flasks from the US but they are languishing at my sister's Florida home until we can work out a cheaper way of shipping them here.  The cost of postage from America is ridiculously expensive.

Here's my latest couple of pieces:

On the sculpture front, I have been beavering away trying to perfect 6mm eyeballs.

I want to get these right before rushing into producing realistic figure sculptures.  I thought I had reached near perfection when someone suggested using glass beads.

These are my polymer versions using UV light curing resin:

I am now having to test glass beads which have the advantage of not discolouring whilst curing in the heads of polymer figures.

The irises are only 2mm in diameter and transparent so there are issues with the hole in the bead showing through.  This is something I am currently trying to sort out.