I Have A Small Commission…


…via Etsy to make a silver ring.  I’m flattered when anyone likes my work enough to actually buy it, be it Illustration, jewellery or sculpture.

Since deciding to make my jewellery available on Etsy and Folksy, it has become apparent just how much work has to go into the other aspects of selling to the public; things like presentation, photographing and packaging the items.  Then there’s the branding, marketing and networking, just to make people aware that your creations actually exist.

So what happens when you don’t sell out your shop within days of opening?  You start to ask yourself why. Are your items not being seen? Are the items not appealing enough?  Are they priced fairly?

To address and solve these issues takes time and effort beyond just making your products.  It also has a galvanising effect on you as a craftsperson.  It tests your resolve and dedication to your chosen craft. 

The support of people who have experience in selling their wares and gaining a commission has helped bolster my enthusiasm.  But I am still in a quandary as to whether jewellery or sculpture is in my future.  I don’t feel I can commit to both especially as I am supposed to be an illustrator.

And speaking of Illustration, my Agent has not been coming through with new work of late so I must take matters into my own hands and self-promote.   I have been going through my portfolio’s and choosing pieces to send out.  Here’s a couple of images on the shortlist:






Karin said…
Really nice illustrations Chris.
Did you sculpt them first, then computer generate them? They are really effective - mostly black line drawing in storybooks when I was a kid in the 50's I'm afraid
I wish you the best of luck with your new commissions.