Jewellery Now On Etsy

I tried to take some decent pictures but this Reflections sterling silver really is shiny, and it played havoc with my camera:)  I will be investing in some sort of decent photographic equipment I hope at some point:)

I am building a website at the moment but in the meantime I am putting items on Etsy:



Gretel said…
Really like these Chris! Regarding the reflections, have you tried taping a sheet of white tissue paper over your light source (presumably a window?) to diffuse the light and stop the hard flash reflection? That's what I've done in the past, I use a well lit window bay and various pegged up bits of paper for backgrounds; if there is too much direct sunlight casting shadows, I tape a large sheet of tissue over the window, which keeps the good light and gets rid of shadows and bright highlights. (Cheaper than photo equipment too)
Chris.P said…
Thanks for taking the time to give me those tips Gretel. I'll give it a try.

Seems to be a never ending list of things you have to do quite apart from making the items themselves! :)
Gretel said…
Oh it IS never ending - there is never a point when you have everything sussed out and ready to rock, but you do get quicker at lurching through the whole process. :)