Going Back To The Beginning

I've decided to tweek my Blog and have temporarily used a photograph of Lands End for the backdrop. Sarah Baird's blog looked so good, I had to borrow the layout. I will though replace the photograph with a piece of suitable new Art when I get myself organised.

Although I intend to work with pastels, here are a couple of watercolours I did some time ago. I was really enthusiastic about the medium before I started college, but dropped it in favour of three dimensional work. I once attended a workshop with my painting hero Ray Campbell Smith in Tonbridge Wells. I adopted his pallete as I admired the look it gave to landscapes.


Sikiu Perez said…
I can't read what you said, the background doesn't help.
Nice paintings!
Sikiu Perez said…
now i can! the dark backdrop took a while to show.
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sikiu:)

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2011!
Sarah said…
Gosh I really like these watercolours. The reflections are brilliant!
I like the rugged backdrop! Wishing I was there!
Chris.P said…
Cheers sarah:) Gave up watercolours before getting really proficient. Mainly because everyone's doing it:)
May return to it one day.
PG said…
You should go back to them Chris, I like these - great skies! Many thanks for the moving card, gave me a bit of a jump when I took it out of the envelope and the camel wobbled at me! (I know, I should get out more...)
Chris.P said…
LOL! The camel made my eyes go a bit weird by the time I was happy with it:) I'm glad you got the card ok:)

Re: watercolours, thanks for your comment. I'm going to spend a few weeks trying different things and see what I'm happiest with:)

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