Taken Time Out

It's been a fair while since I last posted on this Blog. I have been having a bit of a reassessment of my career aspirations and have made some decisions.

I decided to have a bit of a clear out so started with all my plasticine characters and props. They've been stored in cupboards waiting to be taken out and recycled for the next job. I thought it would make more sense to put it in large storage boxes and stow them out of the way.

But as I was putting them away I kinda had the feeling that this could be it, the ending of a chapter, my Illustration career. I've been rumbling along for 8 or 9 years now and I think maybe the wheels have finally come off. They didn't go hurtling down the track. The cart has just lurched gently into the verge and they have slipped off the hubs. I had a sad feeling in the pit of my stomach, which was the realisation coming over me.

I am pretty much behind with the assignment on my ceramics course. I went into pottery thinking I could maybe make some kind of living from it, but once I had decided this was unlikely, I lost interest. I also think wood carving isn't for me as the process doesn't feel natural to me. So I'm putting my kiln and wood carving equipment up for sale.

I have been honing my skills in digital 3D and have begun to set up a silversmithing and sculpture workstation. I enjoy creating designer jewellery and working with polymer and bonded porcelain casting; so these will be my focus - craftwise.

Digitally I have been working on Xyla and below are a couple of work in progress stills. I think I am getting more realism in textures and anatomy than I did previously.