Happy New Year!

I know this blog isn't actually very busy at the moment, but for those who stumble onto it, i'd like to wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2010.

Most years start off with good intentions and 2010 is no exception. I'm going to channel all my energy into ONE project. If a paying illustration job comes along, (he says on his knees in prayer), then all well and good; but I am going to start this project from the ground up, documenting my progress as I go.

I have always avoided paying for domain hosting etc but that is surely a reflection of my lack of committment to a cause. This time I'm going to develop a site with a built in blog, galleries, podcasts, videos evrything to involve and hopefully interest people in the projedt.

I'll probably start with a mission statement, preliminary concept sketches etc. There will be weekly story updates, WIP's, instructional videos. I'm getting things together and hope to launch some time in January:)


Sarah said…
Oh my, now I'm really going to look forward to this. good for you Chris, hope you have a fantastic year XX
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sarah:¬)

What are your plans?