Shifting Sands

I thought the title was apt in the light of my recent work:¬)

I always get the feeling of arriving at a crossroads when I finish a commission. And this time is no exception. Last time round I spent a lot of time learning CGI techniques. To me it's like climbing a slippery slope. Just when you think you have got up to a certain standard, another piece of software or technique comes along to send you sliding down again. So I've decided to allot the time available to making real stuff. I'm talking tables, mantle clocks, sculptural forms which serve a purpose other than just aesthetics.

I started on a figurative study today. As I stated before, I am only any good at something my heart is into. The sculpting felt natural to me and I hope it will reflect this. I'll post some WIP images soon.


MackTheKnife said…
Chris there are few things more satisfying than making something beautiful that is also useful. You may never go back.

Sarah said…
YAY, can't wait...
Chris.P said…
Agreed Bob:¬)

Me neither Sarah. I've got a few on the go at the moment. I hope they turn out ok. You can spend ages on a sculpture only to see it blow up in the kiln!
Cathy said…
It's a long time since I went through the process of sending off the artwork for an entire book - long before the days of computerised thingystuff and email. I always had a sense of 'yawning gap' and 'What now?' - including when I had plenty of other work to be getting on with. I'm glad you've got work in progress which you can really commit yourself to - must make it much easier!


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