Oh My Gourd It's A Ring Holder

Well it could be I guess. As I don't have a potters wheel. I'm basically rolling out the shapes on a board. This ended up kinda gourd shaped. Because these 'block pots' are solid initially, when you slice through them to form a lid you can guarantee the lid will fit the base.

It's the surface finish of the form which should bring it to life. We have been shown how to use liquid slips, (watered down clay) to add colour to the clay's surface. And how to use Sgraffito, (scratching through the slip to reveal the clay beneath). But I am looking forward to trying different glazes,. oxides etc.


Sarah said…
The pots are looking great. The fun bit I guess is doing the glazes.
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sarah:¬) Glazes are something I really need to learn about.

Hope you are well