The Last Of The Camel Illustrations

These were two of the last images I produced for the brief. I opted to use aluminium foil for the pool in the bottom picture instead of using CGI and just used a couple of filters in Photoshop. The gravel/soil I ordered for the ploughed field had to be sent from France in the end. It arrived on the day the illustrations were required; which would have been ok had the colour and texture been suitable. Unfortunately neither were. I had to rely on pure CGI in the end. It was all a bit of a rush, but I hope I got away with it.

I've spoken to my Agent about the possibility of writing and illustrating more Rudyard Kipling books. It obviously depends on how these are received.
I have been attending a ceramics course for the past couple of weeks. It is only 2 hours a week but it's full on in terms of learning techniques. I also joined to see if I could make new friends. Unfortunately the class is made up entirely of women most of whom I don't think I relate to, but a couple seem to have broken cover and have opened up to me a bit more. But there is little time to socialise.
A friend sent me a course of self-esteem CD's. I suspected I had real confidence issues and after taking an online self-esteem test and scoring 59%, (dismally well below the average), it seems I do, big time.
I have looked at a great number of self help literature and consulted 'Guru's' in the past but these self esteem CD's are pretty radical and cut through the psychobable.
I must stop following the course of least resistance and start to properly live. I don't think I give a good representation of myself in general. I think the lack of self-esteem somehow causes me to over-compensate and give a false impression. I'll see if this course can draw the 'real' me out. But an exorcism may well be required:¬)


Sarah said…
I'm liking the face lift! particularly the sparkles in the genie's cloudy thing!!

LOL! big hug for the 'unsure' Chris! You are fine I'm sure and anyway everyone is just perfect the way they are. They just have to realise it!
Sorry there aren't any suitable friends at pottery class. Pity you live so far away, I'd be your friend!
There's loads of 'stuff' out there to help, it just takes time sifting thro' it all and finding something that works for you. I still think meditation, when done properly is fantastic eye opener.
Chris.P said…
Hi Sarah. I'm glad you like the new look. Cheers for the advice. I should make more time for meditation. I think I have the opportunity now:¬)
Gordon Fraser said…
Excellent Mr P!!

Is this commission all finished now or wot?