'Global' in the context of Illustration is a word I do not like. I just got the comments back from the editor on the Camel brief. In one of the first illustrations he wanted the sand to be more yellow and the sky lighter. There are several other changes required but I thought having to make the alterations to a few illo's wouldn't be so bad. But that innocuous word 'global' means I have to apply the changes to EVERY illustration, all 40 of them. And they want the camels eye to be yellow! I didn't come across any camels with yellow eyes in my extensive research. But somehow I must think of a way to give them what they want. the customer always right?


MackTheKnife said…
The customer is always right, unless the changes he wants are outside the scope of the original agreement in which case you get to charge extra money. Didn't this guy approve proofs?

Chris.P said…
The proofs were only in black and white. The author didn't do their research but fortunately they are going to change the text because they looked things up on Google and agreed with me.

I did however have to change 40 skies and sand to a different shade. Colours are one thing which a load of aggro in finished illustrations. I could though sort things out in Photoshop but it took some time.
Sarah said…

I suppose if you want more work from them, they are right!! what a pain.