First Pot WIP

I guess it looks a bit naff so far in the raw clay, but believe it or not this is the beginnings of an incense burner. The coiled section is the lid and will double up as the snuffer. It's a variation on a simple pot we were shown how to create in the first of my ceramics classes. You basically create a form in solid clay, slice through with a cheese wire to form a lid, then after it has become leather hard, hollow out the inside.

It is still very wet, but once dried I intend to fire it with some kind of metalic glaze for the lid and a matt blue for the base.


This is just one of the required exercises on the course. I don't see myself making a habit of producing a lot of pot like objects:¬)

Tomorrow I'll be starting a sculpture which is more within my comfort zone:¬)


Catherine said…
Ooooh I quite like the organic shape to these. :D Looking forward to your sculpture
MackTheKnife said…
I don't know why pots can't be sculptures. The incense burner looks pretty "sculptury" to me. I knew you'd do well in ceramics!

Chichi Parish said…
wooah, that's pretty amazing.
Chris.P said…
Thanks Catherine. I don't have the benefit of a potters wheel so I'm having to roll these shapes by hand. I think this will make them form organically by default:¬)

Cheers Bob. I think the jury's still out though. I'll see how some figurative stuff turns out:¬)

Thanks Chichi:¬) I'll keep experimenting.
Sikiu Perez said…
Chris! change the font color for the "post a comment" It was difficult to find!!!
Ok, now let me give you a nice comment :)
I really like your pot progress, I don't know why you want to ask me about working with clay, I can tell you are doing very well.
I won't be available on my video-chat for a while. I haven't set up a conformable place to put my laptop yet and I have so much work lately, I haven't had time to re arrange my studio. I can't wait to share picture of it. Well some day...
Take Care