Imbolc And The Willow

The end of January and beginning of February is marked by the Celtic festival of Imbolc. It may not feel like it, given the bad weather we are experiencing, but this is the time when in nature things begin to stir. It is a time for initiation and healing, creativity, acting on inspiration.

The Willow is the tree most associated with Imbolc. It is known as the tree on enchantment. It's a water seeking tree, linked to female rhythms, the pull of the moon, intuition, dreams and visions.

Willow wands were used to help invoke the Muses, release emotions, and bring vivid dreams. Green willow worn by jilted lovers is a symbol of emotion and heartache.

Willow reminds us to to be flexible, to make the best of every situation , and to act on our intuition.

The Celts were in touch with nature, they didn't try to fight it or violate it. The further we move away from nature the more our values decline. I feel with my work I am looking to go back to the the more natural way of creating Art, working with the elements in their most unrefined state.


I think you are exactly right re: nature and values. We get out of touch with something very fundamental - with reverance for life! I believe. (Nature is certainly stirring here. I'm pulling early weeks already).

And you are very funny. :-) A perfect singing voice is something I truly wish I had. I used to have dreams (night-time ones, not aspirations) that I *did* have one, and would belt on stage. It was very gratifying. Alas, my own voice is merely mediocre. In my next life, music is going to be a higher priority.
sarah said…
Isn't there is a Steeleye Span song in there somewhere!
Chris.P said…
I'll listen out for you then Tara in my next life:¬)

You could be right Sarah:¬). I would check but I'm sure my back catalogue only contains funk music:¬)
Cathy said…
I'm just hoping that with the collapse of the empty dream that most of society has been entertaining, there will actually be some appreciation of things which are sustainable and spiritual.

Hey ho ... dream on ...