Is this the one?

When I had my consultation with a medium, she told me that within six months I would get an offer of a lifetime. Sounded a bit far fetched to me. But yesterday in the paper there was an article calling for submissions by local sculptors. In a local mining town there has been a fund raising campaign for some months now to errect a statue in tribute to their mining heritage.

They had a model of the sculpture and were trying to raise £50,000 for the commission of a bronze. I assumed that the person who made the model was their chosen artist. But apparently there had been doubts expressed about the suitability of the proposed sculpture, and I presume this has had an effect on the fund raising.

Some years ago, in fact less than two years after coming to cornwall, I won a college competition to design the Trevithick Day Bicentennial brochure. The day celebrated the invention of the first steam powered carriage and the life of Richard trevithick, a pioneer of mine engine technology. His first engine, 'Puffin Devil,' carried him and his friends up Camborne Hill. Sadly it blew up whilst they celebrated in the pub having left the engine running:¬)

I really enjoyed the Trevithick project and the mining sculpture is my chance to immerse myself back into Cornish culture again.


PG said…
Go for it! Serendipity.
Cathy said…
For some strange reason I really can't fathom in the slightest - I feel a certain affinity with an artefact called 'Puffin Devil'!

Chrispy - this has to be fate! As Gretel says - go for it!
That does sound promising. Congrats and good luck in your sculpting ventures! (A lot of the 'success' in this business, I'm convinced, is "right place, right time" along with constant networking. Go forth! Conquer!)
Chris.P said…
Thanks for the encouragement:¬)

I'll have to get down to the local mining library and do some research.

I'll post some preliminary sketches in the next couple of days.