Here We Go

Finally after years of avoidance I am embarking on my career as a sculptor!

I have plenty of sketches of possible projects but I decided to start off with something freehand. I'll try to post an image tomorrow.


Sikiu Perez said…
wow looking forward to see the result, I'm happy to read you more optimistic, sculpting is going to help you I promise.
Take Care
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sikiu, I appreciate your comment:¬)
It is a worrying time for all of us and I hope that if we all just hang in there it will tun out ok, actualy i do believe that if the papers stopped scaremongering about the finacial down turn people wouldn't worry so much, thus keep spending thus keep the economy going thus jobs wouldn't be lost!!!
You sound as if you need a new project to bouy up your spirits chris, so i am sure this new sculpting adventure comes at just the right time. Do you really feel isolated? hope not.
Have you tried making a 'vision board' they are great fun to do and you would be supprised how they concentrate the ideas! email me if you need more info the subject..I am giving the kids a vision board starter pac each for Xmas..bah humbug!
Sarah said…
sorry.. it's Sarah formerly BlueB! was going to start new blog but too busy!
Chris.P said…
Hi Sarah.

It's good to hear from you:¬)and thanks for the advice.

I'll email you.