Eggs In One Basket

I've decided to devote all my time to sculpture for the next few weeks. I have been experimenting with a type of plastiline clay which has wax content. It is a bit firm but it allows me to create different forms with little mess until I get properly geared up to use proper clay.

I'll post a couple of models in their early stages of development today.

The area of interest for me in sculpture is mainly the figure. It occurs to me that this has been the case with my illustration work. Backgrounds don't really interest me. They give scale and context, but hightly detailed environments are beyond me.

I feel the need to change the look of my blog again. It frustrates me that I haven't found a look which satisfies me. I'll give it another go soon.


Sikiu Perez said…
stop talking and show me what are you doing ;)
It is nice to experiment with different types of clay but I'll always be on favor of the real one (without grog)
Have fun!