Early Stages sculpture WIP

I don't normally like to show stuff before I've finished it but here you go. The figure is nearly there in terms of the pose and I have started to work up the creases and folds in the silk. This is realy an exercise in anatomy and drapery.

The clay is Beau Touche, a wax based material which is quite firm and makes modelling less 'spontaneous' than water based clay.
Terracotta is much easier to work but I haven't got any at the moment.

I liked the idea of draping a nude figure with silk. I thought that it would allow you to see the anatomy but at the same time leave something to the imagination. Not being able to see facial features also engenders a sense of mystery


Sarah said…
WOW! I wonder...is she waiting for her lover or her captor...
Chris.P said…
Hmmm:¬)...I was only really thinking about two things when I started this figure, how to show off the female figure in a most flattering pose, and how to create a bit of mystery.

I think an arched pose is seductive because it flattens the stomach and raises the ribcage. I guess somewhere in the far reaches of my brain I may be drawn to the element of submissiveness in it:¬)

Lover or captor? I could only ever entertain the view that she was there by choice. I imagine that when you are deprived of one of your senses the others would be heightened. So the combination of silk on the skin and vulnerability could be quite sensuous. But what do I know?:¬)
Sikiu Perez said…
I love it! I can tell this is going to be a gorgeous piece, actually I like how it is right now.
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sikiu, you're so kind:¬)

I must get some proper clay though. This stuff is stiff and sticky. I haven't set up my kiln yet so I'll just create a lot of sketch models to get some practise in.
Gail said…
I like this - looking forward to seeing it finished. How big are you working? It feels life size to me ... ?
-Gail X