Xmas 2008 mock-up

This years card is running a bit late. I have decided to do it in watercolour instead of 3D. Not because I'm short of time, but because I feel like being self indulgent.

This is a mock up. The fairy and background will be watercolour. I will have to adjust the lettering, move some snowflakes about and crop it in a bit, to give the fairy more prominence.


Cathy said…
Beautiful and lyrical, Chrispy. But I'm very disappointed that you haven't come up with some dating tips for the unfortunate lady on my blog!
Chris.P said…
Thanks Cathy. I have had a go at the watercolour and hope to post it tomorrow:¬)
Nice design. You are far ahead of me (what Christmas card for 2008?) Maybe I'll be caught up by/for Valentines...?