This Is It

...the last of my commissioned pieces. These are some of the plasticine illustrations to go on flash cards for Macmillan Books. I'm hoping more briefs will be offered to me.

I have been working for Macmillan for the past few months and up until now work has been steadily coming in. I am expensive for educational work, so I'm not sure their budget can sustain employing me. But who knows what's round the corner.


Cathy said…
These are fantabulous, Chris - I can understand why they're stretching their budgets a bit!
Cute, cute birdies. Although this medium works better on ducklings than chicks (which seem like fluffy puffballs to me) I would think... What do you do for textures that are very much not-smooth?
Chris.P said…
Thanks Cathy:¬) I think I may have broken their bank now though. BTW I'm listening to Loreena McKennitt The Mystic's Dream. the artist recommended by you, (and Tara a while back i think), And I'm tempted to buy it:¬)

Hi Tara, theae have been the least complicated of the recent commissions. Plasticine doesn't lend itself to fluffiness:¬) It usually takes a while with a sharp tool trying to scratch at the surface to fluff it up.
Yes, Loreena McKennitt continues to be amongst my very favorite artists out there. And not just her music - her whole creative and artistic sensibilities. Check out her website if you haven't already: