Samhain, a second bite at the cherry

Samhain, (pronounced 'sow-en') marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year. It gives me a chance to make some new New Year resolutions, or reaffirm ones which fell by the wayside since January:¬)

Midway through October I stopped consulting my Tarot cards. It was becoming obvious they were a bit fed up with me. There comes a time when push come to shove you have to make your own decisions. I vowed to give them a rest until after Samhain.

A sceptic might say that any meaning that Tarot cards represent can be construed to fit the question asked. This is simply not true. Sometimes, the cards revealed bear no relevance whatsoever to the question asked. This could be down to lack of experience in reading them. But at the end of the day they are there to help me, and there are enough 'straight talking' cards available to give me a relevant answer. So if the cards thrown up are ambiguous it's normally because they are tired of me asking the same old questions.

I asked a question about my career. These are the three cards I drew.

The past
Princess Of Pentacles Reversed
We all need to unwind and let go after a period of study and effort. You should reward yourself with some well-earned relaxation. But don't let this turn to laziness.

The present
The Star
This card indicates bright prospects. It suggests I develop a calm confidence in the future.

The Star represents inner feelings of positive self-esteem, well being and vitality. Water symbolizes the unconscious and it is possible for you to feel particularly inspired.

The future
The Four Of Pentacles
The Pentacles are associated with Earth, the number four is associated with the physical world of matter too. This may refer to building wealth or building a business. The card talks about feeling strongly rooted in the earth, inner strength.

The need for Inner strength and confidence seem to be reflected in the last two cards. And the double reference to earth element in the Four Of Pentacles may be connected to my ambitions with sculpture.

Tarot cards: The Druid craft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington