Focus Pocus?

I have codgetated for sometime on what I should focus on careerwise. I have even gone to the point of consulting a psychic to help me decide.

While there is a demand for my plasticine illustrations there is no choice to be made. But during a lull the question emerges again.

Last time I spent weeks learning digital 3D, (not wasted time, as it came in handy for the last few commissions). But is this what I really want to be doing?

The other day I sat down to start work on the front cover of my book. I gathered the materials necessary but I couldn't gather the enthusiasm. I'm excited about the book but I'm not sure about the medium for the illustrations.

Commissioned plasticine illustrations will always command 100% of my enthusiasm, every ounce of my ability, and desire to please and fullfil the clients brief. But when it comes to a personal project, It's hard to find the motivation.

My Agent said he rather liked my recent watercolour illustrations. This is encouraging to me as I found the experience of creating those images a lot less stressful and found it far easier to judge how long they would take to complete. So I thought I'd try illustrating my book in pen and wash.

My agent went with me in the first place because of my different style of illustration. But if I can create a unique style in watercolour maybe he will willing to push this alongside my plasticine work.

I feel the appeal of this blog may be waning due to the lack of artistic content. So next week I am going to post a lot more new work.


Deb said…
chris, it is often difficult to decide what to do when you are working as an illustrator due to the fact you are working in your own world as such on your own. this is not a bad thing but a good thing as you have the freedom to do what you like, what makes you happy. i know the goal at the end of the day is to be able to produce illustrations that will bring in money but when it comes to personal work, you should do what feels best. try not to overthink and worry and just take the time to experiment. i thought your 3D was amazing and if that guy says he liked your watercolours, then pick either of these two things to pursue in your own time? dx. ps. i have only been out of uni for a couple of months so i dont really know what to write or advise.
Chris.P said…
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Chris.P said…
Hi deb, thanks very much for your comment about my work:¬)

The commercial work versus personal work thing is an issue with a lot of illustrators. There are some though who have found the Holy Grail, and get paid to illustrate in their favoured style and the genre they love.

It can get quite complicated even if you love the medium and genre. Like when a hobby becomes your main source of income it changes in nature. Financial concerns, lack of work, too much work. Having said that I'd rather be under pressure doing something I enjoy than something I didn't, which has been the case in the past.
When ever I have downtime (when was that last...?) I try to go 'where the energy is'. I've read, and it seems to hold true that in order to effectively move forward, our belief and our desire must be at equal levels. If they are out of sync with each other, it is very difficult to accomplish things. I think re-establishing your meditation and other nurturing practices for yourself is a big help in working towards clarity (I am contemplating the same thing for the first of the year when I finish up this current deadline).

That said, I think having a secondary, less-stressful/time-consuming style is a terrific idea.
Chris.P said…
Hi Tara, thanks for your comment:¬)

It's been a really odd week. I have felt a bit lost creatively and domestic matters have distracted me.

I have puposely not posted much this week, because I know the mundane would become the melodramatic.

You are right about going where the energy is.
Cathy said…
Actually, I rather like the idea of the mundane becoming the melodramatic!