Beware Of The Slump!

I can feel the hot breath of the Slump on my neck. The dreaded post-commission Slump is creeping up behind me and is intent on dragging me back to its lair. It has been sneaky this time. It has waited, trying to lull me into a false sense of security. It is cunning and devious and knows my every move. I don't know if all illustrators have their own personal Slump. Mine is purple and green and belches noxious fumes through septic pores which punctuate its hirsute body.

But this time I am ready for him. I know how my mind can react to such extremes of activity and non-activity. I have decided to surprise the 'Slump,' in the way a good commander of an out-numbered army would, by doing the opposite to what's expected. I am going to face the situation with serene acceptance, (with the help of my much neglected meditation practise).

A friend of mine 'Blue Beetle' has delved into meditative/brainwave 'therapy' to get into deeper meditative states with programs such as Holosync. This system basically uses technology to help the brain get into Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta wave states. Zen Buddhists spend their lives trying to reach the higher levels of consciousness, yet systems such as holosync boast technology which can accelerate this process.

The full Holosync course can cost as much as $2,000! and although I can see the benefits of what they are offering, irrespective of the cost it doesn't quite appeal to my 'romantic' view of meditation. So I scoured the corners of the internet to find something more suitable for me, and found this site:

They offer online meditation classes with downloadable guided meditations and music for £4!!!

I've signed up and I am trying class 1 - Meditating with a candle flame or object.

This music could be ideal to meditate to.