Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, I get an email friday night from the design studio asking for some missing illustrations. A couple were just files they couldn't download from the server I uploaded the illustrations to. The others, however, were five illustrations which my agent told me had definitely been cut from the brief. In fact he had told me he had charged them a cancelation fee!But instead of the design studio saying 'sorry there's been a bit of a mistake here,' they just give me a list of missing illustrations, and suddenly it's my problem. Especially as they tell me they are now needed urgently!


Did you have a talk with your agent re: this? It seems to me a miscommunication elsewhere shouldn't have to necessitate an emergency on your part.?

(I try to get *everything* in writing now. Even if it is just an email. And I save it until the job is over and I've been paid. Or beyond, if I suspect I am working for them again. It has saved me a number of times - being able to show in a documented way what I have agreed to, especially if it's changing as you go. That way I don't feel I have to make impossible efforts for things that aren't my fault/beyond my control/weren't agreed to, etc...).