Tunnel Vision

At the moment I can't see past my current deadline. I have less than a week left and still countless illustrations to go.

I have 2 or 3 or possibly more business ideas which I can't think about at the moment but will get some attention in a couple of weeks. My main worry at the moment apart from the deadline, is how I will react immediately afterwards. For me there is always the coming down feeling after the frenetic activities involved in meeting a deadline. It's hard to wind down as all the thoughts which have been pushed to one side start to trickle back into my forebrain. I have no idea whether I will get a feeling of relief or regrets about how I could have done things better.

...that is of course if I do manage to meet the deadline.


Gina said…
Good luck, you can do it!
Chris.P said…
Cheers for the vote of confidence Gina:¬)

I guess I could get close, but I have a feeling I may be off by a day or two.