Soldiering On

This is the last of the watercolour illustrations for the current brief.
I enjoyed being a conventional illustrator while it lasted:¬) I was trying out Hahnemuhle paper as it is whiter than the Saunders Waterford I usually prefer. The gelatine sizing will take some getting used to, but it was ok. I prefer to let the watercolour and paper to work for me by using wet on wet techniques. So it will take me some time to get a handle on drying times etc of the new paper.

I found it a lot easier to judge how long it would take to produce an illustration in watercolour than with plasticine. Things were almost sedate. I printed the rough directly onto watercolour paper, applied the paint, scanned the image and emailed the file to the design studio. Producing an illustration in plasticine involves do many stages, I have no idea how long an image will take to produce. And the process takes a lot more out of me.

I don't think I will get much watercolour commissions but I will use the medium to produce some sketches of future sculptures. I will post some images shortly.


Blue Beetle said…
Howdy Chris, you have certainly been busy in the last few months! Like this new blog, an interesting mix of your art work and a little other stuff that rocks your boat!. Wanted to say thanx for pointing me in the direction of kelly watsit re meditation, my interest in brain sync eventualy led me onto 'holosync' and the centerpointe research institute. have been doin the program for 8 weeks and wow has my life turned around..and its all great... just goes to show what one can achieve by following an instinct! so thanx..
natural attrill said…
Just seen the comment on Toby's jewellery, so thought I'd pop by and say hello.
I really like your watercolour images!