Good And Bad

I have to get these 'new' illo's finished as well as the flashcards by the end of the month. One of them involves plasticine, (I wasn't aware of this), but the others are pen and wash.

This is the first time I have been asked to do an illustration in a 'normal' medium. I am quite excited about this, though I had written them off in my mind when mistakenly my agent told me they had been cut from the brief.

I'll post my efforts here. I am a bit out of practice with watercolour so I'm hoping it will all flood back to me, (scuse the pun):¬)


Sikiu Perez said…
It sounds fun!!! i can't wait to see them, hurry up.
Chris.P said…
I've just finished the first one. I'll post it later today:¬)